FishPopTrace links to Fisheries and Traceability Policy and Legislation FishPopTrace links to Fisheries and Traceability Policy and Legislation

It is one of the goals of the FishPopTrace consortium to put the components of the project, its research, technological, developments and findings, in the context of policies and legislation related to Fisheries, particular the Common Fisheries Policy (CFP), which is the European Union's instrument for the management of fisheries and aquaculture. The analysis of populations, their structure and dynamics should ultimately translate into advice providing guidance in fishery management issues, while techniques developed for traceability and forensics will support the sectors consumer protection and enforcement.
To this end it is very important to reach out to and communicate with stakeholders such as policy makers and control authorities. With this site, FishPopTrace wishes to design a platform ensuring visibility, accessibility and comprehensibility, of policies and legislations of importance to FishPopTrace, but also to the general audience and interested stakeholders.
This site introduces to policy making and legislation related to EU and worldwide fisheries. For example below a diagram depicts schematically the decision finding process for the EU fisheries legislative framework. Also displayed and accessible on this site is an introductory document to “Traceability in the EU Fisheries Sector”, as well as legal documents of relevance and links to authorities and policy making institutions.


The EU Decision Making Process

This diagram is a simplifying schema of one of the major pathways leading to Community law.